Our Story

We are Mumbai based clothing brand bridging the gap between fashion, comfort and functionality.

We provide the best quality fabrics available, with unique prints and some lovely eye-catching silhouettes.

We come from a textile lineage of 50 years and we understand the importance of quality not just in fabric but also stitching.

Hence we have come up with

' Zip Zap zoop' - a fashionable clothing brand enabling the youth of today to express themselves through their clothes.

Our customer service is available round the clock to address any issues the customer may have.

We are here to take you on a fun journey with the latest trends & fashionable silhouettes.

For the Child

Our vision is to provide every item of clothing & accessories to every child in this country bearing in mind that each child has their own likes, dislikes & fashion sense. Children of today have their own mind, own thoughts, and their own individuality. By offering multiples silhouettes, patterns & designs, we enable every child to embrace their own style thereby boosting their confidence in a way that prepares them for a brighter future. We are here to hold their hand from toddler to teenager. From playdates to birthday parties.

For the Economy

We are manufacturing all the clothes ourselves enabling 100% transparency in the manufacturing process. Our years of production expertise only makes it simpler to provide the most comfortable yet fashionable fabrics. Our clothes are 100% made in India and through this brand we are already employing 100 skilled and semi- skilled workers directly and indirectly. Over the next 3 years, we hope to employ another 1000 workers. With the loyalty of our customers, we hope to create an eco-system which is beneficial to all. Generating employment is one of our key objectives as we move forward.

Meet the Team

Ashmika Sadh (Founder & CEO)

Ashmika comes from a textile lineage, has worked multiple fashion brands globally. After completing her master’s in finance & marketing, she diversified her family business from textiles to ready-made garments. Her involvement in every step of the manufacturing process has built a strong & reliable team. Her vision for Zip Zap Zoop is to instill confidence & positivity in the children of today. Ashmika says, “I have always felt there is a gap in the Indian kids market. Children of today have so many places to go and so many activities to do. And we hope to be the “ One Stop Shop for all their clothing needs.”

Rahul Adani (CTO)

Rahul is the new age tech person who understands that any retail or fashion brand is built on a technical backbone in the modern world. Rahul’s background comprises of textiles and e-commerce expertise as he has been a premium seller on marketplaces.